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Texas Hold’em. . .minutes to learn, life time to master. One of the most important things that you need to do in order to win, is to be patient. Most people that are unsuccessful are the ones that like to play every hand and chase cards. Be selective on the hands you play and you will improve your odds greatly.

A couple of tips to remember. A loose player likes to bluff alot, one way to feel a loose player out is to increase his bet or check raise him and watch how they react. Remember mentally how they reacted in each betting round, so if it does come to the show down and you see their cards, you have just been given a great read in their style of play. A tight player generally only plays the”nuts” early on, but they know you have a read on them and their style of play, so in the later rounds they try stealing the pot with a big bet. If you have a feeling they might be trying to steal the pot, again raise their bet. If a tight player is quick to call, more than likely they have a hand so fold. Otherwise with your raise, a tight player will set you on a higher hand, fold and wait till their hand comes along.

Watch how players are gambling and bear in mind that, so if it comes to a show down and cards are turned over, you will get a good read on their betting style. What I mean here is; did they have a made hand or were they draw? It’s very important to understand how others play so as to win in the later rounds when the blinds are higher.

A few things I suggest, if its early in a match wait to see a flop. Wait until you find the flop and then if you pocket pair is higher than the board, wager aggressivly and see how others react. If over cards come out and someone bets big, do not be affraid to fold. Be cautious to what the board provides you, does this give other players an opportunity at a flush or straight? Several times I have had my Aces cracked going all in pre-flop. Later in the game and with less players, pocket pairs grow in strength, since you aren’t on a draw, unless someone else has a pocket pair that is greater than yours.

Bluffing, this is a huge part of the game. A whole lot of players seem to be bluffing more (more so online). Here again, you need to get a sense on others playing styles in order to get a read on them to decide if it is a bluff or strong hand. All players bluff to win a pot, you have to. I think you need to bluff a win, maybe one an hour. If you’re a player that does not get caught in bluffs early on, it makes it that much easier to bluff a win when the pot is larger in the later rounds. Should you get caught early and often, players are probably to call your bets and receive tells you might not know you have.

On TILT? Another important part of the game is to control your own emotions. We all take bad beats or fold a winning hand, it is a part of the game, but if you get mad or go on tilt, you will not win!

Always remember to be patient and play solid hands. It’s a marathon not a sprint. A Thought to play by; it’s aways better to rake a small pot than to get rid of a big one.

Texas Hold’em

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